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Product Information:

  •  âœ…Approved: This unit can operate at public events, private functions, home use, and other venues
  • 🚚 DELIVERY: We deliver to GTA and surrounding areas (delivery fees will be calculated and approved by our office.)
  • 🚗 Pick Up: You can also pick up the foam machine from our Mississauga office
  • 👩 👦 OCCUPANCY: Unlimited
  • 🧽 CLEANING: All units are cleaned and sanitized before use.
    • Foam Machine with tripod
    • Tub for the foam mixture 
    • 1 bottle of foam solution
    • Additional foam can be purchased for $60/package which will run for 20 minute non stop. 
    • Enough space to setup your foam party (roughly 20x20 or larger)
    • Volunteers to supervise and operate the foam machine
    • garden hose (must reach to the area the machine is set up)

Light weight and easy to handle this foam machine projects foam up to 20' away. 

Comes with 1 bottle of foam which will run for 20 minutes non stop, most customer will run the foam machine for 5 minutes every 15/20 minutes as 20 minute non stop will make a very large amount of foam.

Additional foam can be purchased for $60/package, unopened packages of foam can be returned for a full refund.

Check out our foam machines in action on our you tube channel links are below.

Click here for foam machine in action

Click here for colour foam machine parties

Click here for set up instructions


  • Additional Foam

    Foam for foam machine, unopened packages can be returned

  • Gaga Foam Pit

    The Gaga Foam pit is a great addition to your foam party. 

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